As the ‘Voice for the Mentally Ill of Lorain County, NAMI of Lorain County strives to identify the needs of consumers and see that beneficial and positive change is achieved.  Examples include:

  • successful lobbying of the Ohio State Legislature to require healthcare insurance companies to include mental illness as an integral part of their policy coverage;
  • participation in Crisis Intervention  Training for law enforcement officers to bring about informed approaches to subjects who are diagnosed with mental illness;
  • expansion of the Ohio Code’s provision for outpatient treatment of the mentally ill to include opportunities for caregivers, together with psychiatrists and counselors, to inform Judges in the county and municipal Courts about a defendant’s illness and offer alternatives such as outpatient treatment of defendants rather than incarceration or hospital confinement;
  • representing mentally ill recipients of Medicare and Medicaid who have been denied enrollment in Ohio’s healthcare program;
  •  helping insure that those living with a diagnosis face no discrimination and can access help in obtaining jobs.
Your financial support and volunteering to work with our ADVOCACY Committee can bring about further advocacy on behalf of the mentally ill. Call our office for information.  Also, note our PayPal  link on this website through which your charitable gifts to support such work may be made.

Training Opportunities:

Each year NAMI of OHIO (our state office) offers training for those who would teach NAMI Courses in their local areas and for those who would serve as Facilitators for Support Groups. If you are qualified, and if your are approved by the Board of Trustees of NAMI of Lorain County, our local Affiliate in Lorain County will cover the costs of transportation to and from training sites, along with incidental expenses.
Such opportunities should be discussed with Michael Eppley, Executive Director.  You can reach him at (440) 240-8477.


See our Calendar for more information or contact us if you have any questions.